Hubble 3D and Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D

I went to Science World today. This was my first time to go there. Why? I really wanted to watch IMAX Hubble 3D and Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D at OMNIMAX Theatre. OMNIMAX Theatre looks like a planetarium. Your experience will be amazing because of its system. Needless to say, sound and image are so cool, and also screen as well. Film is projected on an angled dome.

IMAX Hubble 3D

As I didn’t know what astronauts do in the space much, I really enjoy what they do, especially the scene they are fixing Hubble with a screw driver. The scene the screen is filled with stars was best for me. Universe is so beautiful.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D

Although I have never surfed, this movie is really beautiful. Surfers have to wait for Ultimate Wave, however, they know how to spend a time well until they can do it on the wave. Training with a big stone at the bottom of sea, riding a jet ski, and kayaking or something like that. I could feel how much they love sea and Tahiti itself.

If you want to watch two OMNIMAX movie like me, you should pay $17.63 for Admission and one movie and $4.91 for an additional movie. Total include tax is $25.25. ( 03/Apr/11 )

How to connect a windows Vista PC to an Apple Airport Express

I used to use an Airport Express on Macbook only, but I wanted to use it on Windows Vista, too.
It didn’t work with default setting, so I had to change some settings to do that.
Probably you can do same also on Windows 7.

1. Open AirPort Utility, select your base station, and click AirPort.
2. Click Wireless.
3. Choose “1″ from the Channel menu if “Automatic” is selected.
4. Choose “WPA/WPA2 Personal” from the Wireless Security menu if “Automatic” is selected.
5. Click Update to apply the settings and restart the base station.